There are hundreds, if not thousands, of writing blogs on the internet. Blogs about craft, blogs about jobs, blogs about marketing and blogs about editing, genre-specific and blogs dedicated to a specific type of writing, but how many are there about actually writing? I’m sure there are many that I haven’t come across, and you may want to know what on earth I’m talking about, so let me try to explain.

With this blog I hope to not only present to you information as listed above, but to foster a community of writers, where we can write, actually write, and motivate each other. Each week I hope to host word sprints, writing events, word wars, and other community driven activities that I hope will get you writing, writing anything at all. There may be prompts or themes we go off of, but the main idea is to get you, and me, writing, pour some words on a page.

Additionally, depending on when the writing activity is, I want to host workshops the very next day, while the spirit is semi-high. I’ll ask you lovelies to post your writings to the blog and we’ll go through each work quickly, or as quickly as is possible, pointing out what works, what doesn’t and how you can improve, both from a reader and writer prospective. Keep in mind this format is subject to change. I don’t know how well it’s going to work on this site, so perhaps in future we’ll migrate to something else. I’d love to hear your suggestions though, on this and anything else regarding the blog. Remember, this is for you!

And maybe this is all a tad bit ambitious. Maybe this has been done before. The thing about ideas is that nothing is ever original. On a lot of scriptwriting blogs they tell you that even if your idea has been done to death, it hasn’t been done by you. So that’s my first bit of advice to you! Never be discouraged to write because someone else has ‘your’ idea. Whatever it is, it hasn’t got your spin on it, and so really, it hasn’t been done.

Here’s hoping you all find something at least remotely interesting here and that you keep coming back.  We love seeing you. Don’t forget to comment and leave suggestions! We’d love to hear from you!


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