Excuses, excuses, how do I love thee…

How often do you make a decision to get some writing done, even sit down with your notebook or laptop and have a theme or idea all picked out, and then have something else, like a running refrigerator or a barking dog, come along and throw your whole groove off? How often do these small interruptions lead to grand adventures filled with amazing discoveries like that sock you’ve been on the hunt for or a new flavour of yoghurt magically showing up in your running refrigerator that you caught against the wall in your kitchen, the fiend?

How often do you read rambley blog posts in an effort to avoid what you know you should be doing: writing?

For me, it’s all the time. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of things I’ve told myself were more important than taking the ten minuted it would take to type of a blog post for here, in addition to the three half-complete blog posts sitting in a folder on my desktop. I blamed work, the writing courses I’m taking (not that I’ve been writing for them either, to be honest), novel research, researching how to run a blog, lack of work, grocery woes, achey fingers, bad lighting, everything in the book you could possibly blame, i blamed. 

I blame the procrastination bunnies. They’re the real culprits. 

But today, tonight, I encourage you to GET WRITING. Even if it’s a silly ten word poem about little girl shoes. Maybe it’s a character description. Maybe it’s three lines of dialogue that’s been bouncing around in your head but you just haven’t written it down because it’s not perfect. You know what? Write it anyway. 

I read somewhere that writing isn’t about perfection. Writing is about WRITING. Editing if for prettying the language and making funny lines funnier, but you’ve got to get the bones out before you can add the flesh. 

And with the slightly creepy reference, I give you your second Journey to Writeopia Prompt: Bones. Write a poem about bones, no less than 20 words. 

Let’s see what we come up with, yes?


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