And… I’m back!

It has been far too long since I updated. i don’t have excuses, just apologies. The past few weeks have been a lesson to me. In what exactly, I don’t really know. 

I’ve been doing some writing for an architect who’s embarking on a new advertising campaign. I set up his social media profiles within the first few days and have since been working on creating brochure text for the company. 

It should not have taken nearly as long as it did. 

He’s put it to me that it is my fault, for my lack of communication skills, inability to be adapitble and stubbornness. I can accept all of these, to a point. I feel as if he’s wanted me to magically transport myself into his mind and create text the way he would speak and think, which I cannot do since I am not a magic mind traveller. What I did do was attempt to do my best at mimicking his voice and word choice and present it to him to critique.

We never got to critiquing, We’d get halfway through a reading before he’d go off on a tangent about why the writing wasn’t what he wanted. Being more than 30 years his junior and lacking the life experiences he has, I accepted his dissatisfaction as something I could change, an internal problem or oversight that could be rectified. And truthfully, some of it could have been. But I feel as if more response on his part would have made the process much easier. 

And why didn’t I ask for that? Back to communication issues. When I feel as if I’m in the wrong I am very good at submerging myself in myself and trying to find the internal problem to fix it and move on. Because when I asked for a critique, I wasn’t really asking for a critique. What I was giving was not what he was getting. And even after I worked on rectifying that (progress I know was made because other employees commented on it) we still got nowhere.

Long story short I’d been so frustrated over the past few weeks that I’ve done absolutely nothing productive, either for this blog or my personal work. I’m not sure if I even have a job any more, but I will be working more on this and my writing, because that is what I truly want to do. 

I have a few posts planned for the next few weeks, a few that are still ideas, and we’ve also got a tumblr blog that’s a bit more updated than this one. Either way, the Journey to Writeopia is back on!


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