I disappeared!

I know you have to be wondering where I went when I suddenly disappeared right after I said I was back! Truth is life decided I needed lemons, and oranges, and grapes, and pineapples and mangoes and coconuts, too.  It’s been that hectic. I don’t really know how I got through it, but I did. 

Good news though! I’m back! Really, this time! And I wrote a book! Well, completed a book. I’ve been working on it for about three months now and I’ve finally got it done and posted here at Smashwords!

‘How to Be a Dragon’ is a self-improvement, self-management ebook geared towards teenagers and young adults dealing with low self-esteem, approval addiction, self-harm, etc., though that’s not to say any adults won’t find it helpful as well. 

I’ve launched a Twitter account, @TerriMAsa and a tumblr for the book and am wading into book marketing. I’ve found a few really interesting web posts about author’s marketing their own books, that I’ll probably post up here sometime in the week. 

In the meantime, How have you been doing in your writing? Have you met a goal you thought you’d never reach? On this journey to Writeopia, we all have goals we want to reach but don’t really think we can, case and point completing a book! I never though I could, but I have, and I couldn’t be happier.

What writerly goal have you achieved recently?


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