Meeting that Wordcount and Ebook Cover Designs

It has been a hectic past few weeks, at least in real life. I’m aware that this blog has suffered despite my efforts to inject some life into it. 

In the past few weeks I have began three new novels, written four songs, sold tickets for both a concert and all you can eat grill out and launched a business. 

Yes, I’ve been a very busy cookie. 

That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you lovelies. Our tumblr page has been updated semi-regularly, and is full of useful links about the craft and madness that is writing. I look at it sometimes and I’m just amazed at the amount of resources. 

And I’ve launched a graphic design service! Ebook Cover Designs will be officially opened on Monday, September 9th, 2013. It’s a ebook formatting and cover design company, though the other two artists and I do other design work. The website is currently hosted right here at WordPress, to be upgraded in a few months. You can check it out here, if you like. 

How about a prompt, hmm? Let’s go with….mermaids. 

Happy writing!


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