I gots a question!

Usually I come on here and I tell you guys stuff, right? Stuff about writing and stuff about stuff about writing. Well, today I’ve got a different approach. I want to hear from you! Seriously guys, come talk to me!

What’s the most frustrating thing to you about writing?


4 responses to “I gots a question!

    • I think it has to do with forgiving yourself. I never intentionally miss my writing schedule, so I try to remember that when self-annoyance (frustration? melancholy? I don’t know) rears its ugly head. And when I don’t do enough of it, I simply remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It does much more for my drive to write than trying to punish myself into writing, I think! Thanks for the reply!

  1. I think what frustrates me most is that writing is the thing I WANT to do, and don’t get much time for. My head is filled with ideas, good ideas, and I really, really want to get them out and work with them, tweak them, make them pretty.
    I really don’t enjoy work, but I HAVE to work. I don’t really enjoy college, but I HAVE to finish and get my degree. I don’t really enjoy sitting through yet another Boy Scout meeting and somehow, accidentally, without even raising my hand or anything, being nominated as Co-Chairperson for the Popcorn Selling Committee, but, well, there you go.
    I HAVE to make time for the things I HAVE to do.
    I WANT to make more time for the thing I WANT to do.
    There just are not enough hours in a day.

  2. Co-Chairperson for the Popcorn Selling Committee sounds like a serious sort of commitment. But have you tried dictation? I don’t drive much, but when I did I had my phone’s voice recorder running, and I’d blabber a story Idea or a paragraph or sometimes even a whole chapter to myself. Then I’d commission the siblings to type it out for me. It cost me between $5 and lunch for the week, but I had words down and typed that I could then edit while I’m sitting on the bus, for instance.
    Another thing I’ve found helps is simply scheduling tiny bits of writing time. Put in a load of laundry, spend six minutes on the washer writing. whatever comes to mind. Six minutes only and then I move on to something else. Feel like this is going to be one of those lengthy trips to the loo? Take a pen and paper, or my phone. I’ve found the trick is to trick myself into thinking I’m getting a whole lot done when in truth I’m not, but at the end of the day I’ve got seven or so little shots of writing scattered between my writing area and my devices, and getting them into the computer is a breeze. Tell yourself that the things you want to do are the most important things, not in the least because they make you happy and a happier you is much more likely to be successful in any of the other hundred (or so?) things on your plate. But because when you reprogram your brain to recognize doing what you love as a GOOD thing, it becomes easier and you find every excuse and opportunity to do it. You may even surprise yourself!

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