2,500 words in 30 mins – GO!

Okay, I know some of you are looking at your screens going, ‘Is she serious? I barely have 30 minutes to do anything, let alone write!’ And I know! I know we’re all swamped with the kids and the job and the second job and the dinner and the dog and the cat and the mother/grandmother and the doctor and everything else. 

But when was the last time you were busy with you?

Most people can’t remember when. I know I can’t. Between shuttling my grandmother to the clinic and the skin specialist and the daily care she requires and the business I’ve recently started and the commitments I’ve made and vocal practice and the studying to be a life coach and my own doctor visits, I haven’t had a good chunk of time to just sit and breathe in a while. 

But isn’t that a bad thing? Shouldn’t we want to spend more time with ourselves, for ourselves, doing the things we LIKE to do? I think so. That’s why I’ve been writing. Scheduling little slots of time for writing and sticking to it. It doesn’t always work, mind you. Sometimes I simply can’t et my half hour in till I’m half asleep in bed. Sometimes (most times) I never make 2500. But I try. And every day I get a little more down. 

Of course there are days when I completely blow my target wordcount out of the water, but who’s counting those?

Today, let’s all make a commitment to try for 2500 words down, in however long you want to make it. No pressure (Okay, a little), no threats, no delusions of grandeur. Just 2500 words. 

Can we do that?


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