Have a freebie!

Good Morning! I didn’t know what to write for the blog today (or any of my WIP’s) so have an excerpt from my book, ‘How to be a Dragon in Six Easy Steps’.

“Perhaps one of the first things to do on your quest to become a dragon is to shed your shell. Generally, dragons (and
more inane creatures like lizards and birds) can’t grow up into their awesome final form unless they first hatch. So you, like
every baby dragon before you, must first hatch from your shell before making any other grand steps in your development.
Plus, shells are icky. You should want to get out of it.
Now, your shell could be made of many things, or made of just one thing. My shell was made of up approval addiction,
anxiety, depression, self-harm and an eating disorder. Messy. Difficult to get out of. 0/10 would not recommend at all. But I got
out of it, so I know you can too.
But you first have to identify what your shell is made of. There are a few things that can constitute your shell, some of which I’ve listed below. It’s fine if there are some ingredients in your shell that I didn’t list here. As long as you are able to identify them, you can hatch from your shell and begin your transformation.

Fear is fake. False. Completely not real. It’s actually an acronym for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ and that’s exactly what it is. There’s a quote that says that fear is insanity, because you are feeling apprehension and anxiety and reluctance towards an event that may or may not happen in the future. It’s not even the present tense! How crazy is that?”

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