So, I’m not dead…

The past few months have been…interesting. 

I’ve had three major family emergencies, found a fiance (Don’t even ASK how that happened!), sold a only a single ebook cover, got absolutely no writing done and made a conscious decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. 

And that’s not even HALF of it. 

SO, firstly, I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I could tell you about the computer crash and the email password adventure and the ridiculous lack of internet I’ve been experiencing, but that would lead into a long story rife with long, long explanations about things I barely understand. 

But I’m back! I’m still thinking of writing and truthfully my head hasn’t gotten any less full of ideas. I just don’t know which way I’m going yet. Here’s hoping. 

Cheers! Keep writing!


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