How do you feel about fanfiction?

dmittedly, this is a horrible way to start off the new year. Delving into something as hotly contested as fanfiction may not be one of my brightest ideas. The thing about that, though, is I don’t care. 

I want to know what you guys think.

I’ve been a fanfiction writer since maybe around 2007, when I decided to try my hand at a Harry Potter notion that wouldn’t leave me alone. I wanted a Snape-adopts-Harry fic that I couldn’t find, so I began to write one. It’s still in progress now, because I always get so distracted with real life and original wiritngs, and I’ve also started about another 10 fics in the same fandom. 

Don’t judge me. 

My thing is, i love fanfiction for what it did for me. It let me run wild with my ideas without having to worry about being 100% perfect as I would have, being the anxiety ridden teen that I was, had it been my original fiction. As a matter of fact I took my Booksie account down because it was driving me crazy: How often I needed to post because readers were super eager to follow the story which mean that I needed to writer quickly which meant that I needed to have all my ideas and everything already sorted out which meant that I needed to plot out the book which meant that I needed to learn how to plot which meant that I needed to go read something, which meant that I’d have less time to write, and so on. Fanfiction freed me from all of that, and I loved  it. 

There are a lot of advocates against it though. I read somewhere that fanfiction encourages laziness, since fanfic writers don’t have to worry about setting up the story world since it’s already been done. While I find that to be true, I’ve also read enough fanfiction to know that that’s not always the case. sometimes authors just use the characters and set up their own worlds or their own versions of the original author’s world, and most times its simply amazing. 

But there are people against that as well, crying out against removing the characters from their original storylines and settings. I’m not even going to bat an eye – I write that sort of alternate universe fanfiction, and I love it. Sue me. 

Or don’t. you’ll only get my laptop, and i love her, so don’t sue me, yeah?

What do you think? 


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