I’m Writing a Book……..Or 3

You know how I’ve been sort of iffy about writing? Well, that’s definitely changed. 

I’ve started two books, and I can’t wait till you can have them: “The It-Doesn’t-Matter Mind’ and a business transformation guide called ‘Change Your Business (& Make More Money) in 90 or Your Money Back!’ They are both utterly amazing to me considering I haven’t written anything in nearly six months…or more. 

So I’ve been writing and planning time to write and attempting not to procrastinate from writing. I’ve discovered the joys (again) of dictation. The Dragon dictation app in the Apple app store is amazing. 10/10 I wholeheartedly recommend. 

If you’re interested in receiving updates on ‘The It-Doesn’t-Matter Mind’, a personal transformation guide on unlocking the power of positive thought, via email (I’ve fallen in love with newsletter-creation) you can sign up here.

Enough about me. What have you all been up to? What have you been writing? How is life treating you?


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