Kick Yourself in the Butt

There are days when I simply don’t want to do anything. 

Like today. 

I’ve started to observe the Sabbath on Saturday, the seventh day of the week, so I laze about and read my Bible and generally do nothing all day but sing and worship. Sundays are the days I typically use for planning out the remainder of my week, scheduling Facebook posts on my business page, and generally attempting to be productive. 

But not today. I’ve been awake since shortly after nine and i haven’t accomplished anything all day. 

Sure, I scheduled a whopping total of three posts, realized I needed to post to my blog more and generally bemoaned my lack of productivity, but I got nothing really valuable done. 

I could have written something or planned out a seminar or finish reading a book, but instead I’m just looking at the whole day being wasted and feeling a little sorry for myself.

Time to stop that. I’m writing this post because I’ve given myself (and will continue to give myself) a kick in the butt. So what if I didn’t get anything done all day? I’ve got all night to fix that! So what if I’ve got a whole heap of things to be done and I haven’t even scheduled time to do it in? I still can! Frankly, I feel as if you have to choose to not let your failures break you or even phase you, because when you do you get bogged down with guilt and lack of fulfillment, and then where will you be?

Nowhere. Miserable, but still in the same spot you started. 

so embrace your failures! That mile long to do list? LOVE IT! It’s still there, isn’t it? Are you going to let it drag you down or are you going to choose to be excited and ecstatic about the opportunity to get it done?

Kick yourself in the butt, and do it. 


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